Structured Cabling: Provides the foundations for any network and also provides the underlaying connectivity for a wireless network. The better the foundations of a network, the more efficient, faster, and reliable the whole network will be. We provide installations to industry standard and specifications with full testing and test certificates.  We install Cat5e (1Gbs), Cat6 (1Gbs), Cat6a (10Gbs) or Cat7 (10Gbs) cabling to a maximum length of 90m, all installed to industry standard practices. For installations which exceed the 90m length limit we'll use secure fibre optic cabling in order to meet your needs.

Wireless Networks: We provide fully managed site wide wireless networks. We can cover a whole building, a single office, one person office, or a home office. We have different options depending on your requirements and data needs. Whether you're a high data user with CAD design, hospitality providing free WiFi or using standard business applications and Internet access, we have a solution that will fit your requirements.

Fast Reliable: Internet access needs to be fast reliable and well supported. Whether you need dedicated Leased Lines, FTTP or SoGEA to replace your FTTC Broadband connection we provide a fully managed Internet service. No waiting on hold for your ISP, just get in touch with the Nova Support Team and we'll look after resolving any issue with your Internet connection.