Much more than just a support company
We're passionate about helping our customers success with security and services whatever their size. One service doesn't fit all so we fit the services and security to you. Working with happy customers for over 25 years.
We love technology, providing solutions and caring about our customers their security and making services work for them. So in 1997 we started providing services and support. Nova IT incorporated in 2009 and we're still providing our customers with the best fit IT security and services rather than fitting customers to pre-packaged plans.

Consultative Experience 

We bring a consultative experience to all our clients from start-ups, micro, SMB to larger multi site businesses, charities and schools. Our solutions, security, resilience and disaster recovery plans fit the organisations needs and bring business benefits for expenditure made to keep a business competitive through technology.

Our Support Services

Fast: Whether you use our app, email or call we'll get your message straight away. A unique support case/ticket is created in our service desk and we'll be resolving your issue or completing a task with the least disruption to your working day.

How it works: Getting in touch can be made though our custom support app direct from your device. You can also email us or call your dedicated support number if it's urgent for instant support. If you only have Internet access use our live chat and messaging service. All support tasks, issues or questions are entered into our helpdesk creating a uniquely identified case/ticket. Our 30+ Support Technicians are here ready to help you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

IT Solutions

Business  hand using cloud computer Storage and data transfer Cloud network , Cloud technology. Networking and internet service concept.
Cyber Security, Secure Backups

close up focus on call center wireless headset device at headset VOIP system with futuristic symbol technology at office desk for hotline telemarketing and network operation concept
VoIP Telephone Systems

365, Teams, SharePoint, Office

Latest News

Big Congratulations to Tom Weeden winning the 2023 Classic Superbike Championship and to Finn Smart-Weeden winning the 2023 British Junior Supersport Championship. It's been a pleasure being involved and helping sponsor both of you. Looking forward to 2024!

Finn Smart-Weeden - British Junior Supersport Champion
Tom Weeden - Classic Superbike Champion
Looking forward to 2024

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