A VoIP Telephone System should be flexible, cost effective, resilient, and able to be used on any device

Flexible: Our VoIP service is a full PBX service with or without full integration with Microsoft Teams. The VoIP service can be as complex or as simple as your needs, and scales from one user up to hundreds. Changes to the system will apply within 15 minutes, so no long waits for changes to diverts, messages or re-organisation of call groups. For those who wish to manage their own PBX admin access can be made to an end user simple to use configuration tool. Physical handsets can be used with the native PBX service and can also be used for systems with Microsoft Teams integration.

Microsoft Teams: Full integration with Teams can be applied, allowing all calls to be made and received through Teams allowing Teams users to see immediately when a colleague is busy on a call, or whether they're free to have a call transferred to them. Teams integrations still allows for a full, flexible PBX system to be used for organising, routing and managing calls.

A Full PBX System: The service can be used natively without Microsoft Teams integration and is a fully functioning phone service with an included softphone for those who prefer to use their computers for calls rather than physical handsets.

Cost Effective: No add-ons, no additional charges, no call charges. £11.99 will give you a dedicated telephone number, a softphone, and all included UK numbers, 03 numbers and UK mobile numbers. Change Management is included in the £11.99 with changes to the phone system made within our normal SLA's. Included International calls, just add £4.00 per month per user.

System Resilience: A virtualized Cloud infrastructure with fault tolerance and automatic failover in case of any hardware failure runs the VoIP service. Independent network links guarantee network redundancy levels and the highest possible uptime.

User Resilience: End users can use multiple devices to access and use the VoIP telephone service so in the event of any end users hardware failures calls can always be made and received. If you utilise the full Microsoft Teams integration, then a fully functional Web Browser based softphone can be used as a backup in the event of any issues with the Microsoft Teams service.

Any Device, Anywhere: Whether you use the native PBX or the full Microsoft Teams integration. The VoIP service can be used on any device, from any location with an Internet connection.