Protection Included: The first step that's always needed is to secure, protect and monitor threats to you network, data and staff. Included in all our managed support services is layered protections for your network, servers, cloud, users and computers. We employ the next generation of Firewalls, and next generation of pro-active EDR (endpoint detections and response) protection for servers on-premise, and Cloud, as well as all your client computers, desktops and laptops. Firmware for public facing hardware, network, wireless and computers is kept up to date to protect against vulnerabilities in hardware basic machine instruction. Dark Web monitoring to check for company compromised passwords is also provided.

Cyber Essentials: Is a government backed scheme that helps an organisation be protected against the most common cyber attacks. Cyber Essentials certification also helps an organisation show that its commitment to cyber security and protect its data, networks and staff. Cyber Essentials Plus is a more comprehensive check which includes manual penetration testing and checks on the organisations infrastructure and security. We can help with Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials plus and help with obtaining certification.

Crest Certified Penetration Testing: Our Crest certified penetration testers combine knowledge, skills, and the latest technology to uncover security flaws. Penetration testing will help meet cyber insurance requirements and ensure continuous adherence to security best practices. Get expert penetration testing at affordable costs. If you’re one of our ongoing support customers, this brings substantial discounts to certified penetration testing. We offer Internal Network Testing: Discover internal network vulnerabilities from within your organization, and External Network Testing: Identify external network flaws from a hacker's perspective.

Microsoft 365 Backups are an important part of an organisations data protection. Although Microsoft 365 does store data in the cloud, this isn't the same as a backup where data is stored in a separate remote area. Microsoft 365 backups include emails, contacts, calendars, tasks. Teams Channels, SharePoint and OneDrive areas. Even when data has been removed form the Microsoft 365 service, the backup will remain for retrieval when needed at a future point.

Secure Backups: We now need more than a basic backup to protect data from data loss. Backups to more than one location with at least one of those locations offsite, and immutable backups are standard in our offering. Immutable backups stop data for a certain period from ever being overwritten giving protection in the event of a ransomware attack. Disaster Recovery (DR) is also available adding another layer on top of secure onsite and offsite immutable backups. More information of backup options can be viewed here at Backup Types.